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Bespoke professional design from as little as £15

In these days of digital and online marketing, it might be tempting for some people to think that there is little place in the business world for marketing tools that use the print medium, but they would be wrong.

The business card

Business cards have been around for more than a century, and provide a quick and easy means of identification. Due to networking becoming a vital part of business life, proving that it is just as much who you know as what you can do that provides business success, business cards are an invaluable tool in spreading the word.

What a business card should do

At its most basic level, a business card should do two things – tell the reader the company and/or personal name, and provide methods of getting in touch with that person or company. Ideally, a business card should also provide a logo and slogan to create the idea of a brand identity and give an indication of what the business does.

Appearance is key

They may only be a small piece of paper or card, but a business card says an awful lot about the giver. As is the case in all aspects of business, with a business card, image is key. Nothing creates a worse impression when passing a card to a potential customer or business contact than it being flimsy and cheap looking.

It is vital that the information contained within the card is current. It not only makes it difficult for people to get in touch with you if contact information is out of date, but it looks terribly unprofessional to have handwritten crossings out and inked in corrections.

What to include

As already mentioned, it is vital that the card contains a business and personal name, as well as at least one means of communication. It is also desirable that you include other methods of communication, however, so that people can choose the way in which they can get in touch. We all have our preferred methods, so while some customers may enjoy picking up the phone and talking to you, others will prefer to send you an email. Make sure that you give them a choice.

Business card design

Keep your designs simple. Use no more than three different colours in your business card design, and no more than two different fonts, ideally only one. Anything more complicated than this and it will overwhelm the eye. When choosing your design, do not just consider a white background, but play around with a few different colours. Coloured backgrounds may suit your industry and will help to make your card stand out from the crowd. Do not be tempted, however, to achieve this by having a non-standard size for your card, and remember to use the back of your card to itemise a few of your core products or services.

A business card is perhaps the most versatile marketing tool your business can have, so always have a supply about your person, ready to give out to anybody who shows an interest in what you do.

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