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Despite websites and email advertising, a brochure is still an effective marketing and information tool for a business to produce. Many people still prefer to look through a physical brochure rather than having to keep clicking the mouse to turn the page onscreen; brochures have a permanence that digital versions lack. A hard copy brochure is also much easier to distribute at trade events than having to tell someone to look it up on a website.

Determine the objective of the brochure

This means establishing what you want your brochure to achieve. It's important to remember that a brochure is not a leaflet, which is a much more simple relay of information. If you simply want it be informative, telling readers about your business, the services you offer and their prices, then a printed leaflet ie, a double sided a4 folded, is something you need? Or do you want it to be a non-stop call to action, at every stage encouraging the readers to get in touch, a multi page brochure is on order. These decisions will affect the wording of your brochure, so make sure it is clear to yourself what your brochure objective is.

Develop a narrative

A brochure is more about words than pictures, so the wording is very important. The brochure should read like a story, with a beginning, middle and an end. Draw the reader in with a brief history of the company, then move into the products or services on offer. Craft the ending with details of your successes, perhaps such as the awards your business has won, in fact anything positive that encourages your readers to respond to the call to action that you place at the end of the brochure.

Focus on the positives

Throughout the wording of the brochure, it is essential to focus on the benefits that your business offers. It is no good just saying what you do; a reader wants to know why it will be good for them to use your services. For example, will your product or service save the reader money or time? Will it make them healthier or thinner? Customers are always attracted by benefits and any marketing material that highlights these is on the way to success.

Tone of voice

It is essential that you know your target market before you begin writing the brochure; you must achieve the correct tone of voice for your potential customers. If your target market is attracted to rather than offended by very bold, in-your-face sales language, then use it, but don’t if your customers appreciate a softer sell. It should also go without saying that you should avoid using any language that is in bad taste or offensive to any sector of the public.

The design

As mentioned before, a good brochure will combine words with pictures, but avoid overloading the design so that it appears stuffed with either. A busy brochure layout runs the risk of looking amateurish and as if it were created in a hurry. Opt for an elegant, pared-down design, and use effective, informative, but concise language. Allow for areas of white space around the pictures and the words to keep the readers eyes a rest. Finally, always check the copy for spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

Written by Joanne Serellis

Why Eazy Print?

  • Friendly support and advice
  • No hidden costs
  • Free UK Wide Delivery
  • 4.9 Google review rating

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