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Bespoke professional design from as little as £15

Are you a shrinking violet trying your hardest not to get noticed? Some people definitely would rather sneak into a party and take their unobtrusive place rather than bursting in on the scene. These shy and retiring kinds usually stick to those they know, dress down, speak quietly and generally try to detract attention from themselves.

They certainly are the polar opposites of the characters who are the life and soul of the party who you can’t fail to miss. They are loud and like to take the floor both with their stories and to show off their moves.

While we know the latter group may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can bet that everyone remembers them. When it comes to business, you definitely want to be the life and soul type.

So to get your business out there i.e. recognised and used by the greatest number of people, you have to see and be seen in the right places. Where are the right places for you? Well in front of your target audience of course. So that’s the first thing you need to establish – who do you want to use your business, buy your products or services?

Once established you have to look for the best areas in which to promote yourself. You may have a high street outlet and a digital presence but is that enough? In truth the answer is probably no; in this day and age you need to have a multi-pronged plan to be seen by as many people as possible.

Old but good

One of the oldest ways to get noticed is a presence at local and trade fairs. If you are new to exhibiting at fairs, there are several things you need to do.

  • Find suitable events
  • Consider how to design your stand to show off your business to best affect
  • Suitable signing

Finding events

One way to find local business events and fairs that may be suitable to promote your business is to take every networking opportunity you can find. This could be via social media; Twitter often has local networking ‘events’ in the form of a regular hour (#yourtown) every week. Here you can connect with other businesses and find out what’s going on.

Your local newspaper, library and council are other possibilities. If you have a venue in your town or city that regularly holds events, check out their events list to see what’s coming up.

Larger trade fairs can be researched by magazines (hard copy or online) specifically for your industry. Of course if you are looking for the big fairs check out the event lists on some of the big event locations such as Earls Court and Excel in London, the NEC in Birmingham, Manchester’s Conference Centre and so on.

Most events in the programmes will list the event organisers for you to contact.

Designing and signing your stand

Your available budget will affect which shows and the size of your stand. So having found the best events to promote your business and booked space, you need to consider how to design your stand.

Think about it

One thing is for sure you will want your business to be noticed and remembered at any event. You have to stand out from the crowds of other businesses also promoting their products and services. So as well as considering which products or services to promote, you need to think about how you will showcase them and of course how to sign your stand.

Good signing

There are so many products available to ensure that your stand is well signed. These range from easy to transport, pull-up roller banners to outdoor banners. With techniques for full colour vinyl printing and even biodegradable PVC banners in a good range of sizes, your choice is almost limitless. And they won’t cost a fortune. Good quality banners and printing are very affordable and won’t break the bank.

Consider what you need to say and say it concisely. Remember too many words will blend into one another. You need to capture passing traffic’s attention so that they stop and talk to you.

Make sure your logo and your business name are printed clearly on your roller banners so that you are memorable. If the event is an outside one, outdoor banners are strong and come ready hemmed, with eyelets and bungee fixings.

Good outdoor banners make sure you are seen and remembered.

By:  Joanne Serellis

Why Eazy Print?

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  • No hidden costs or fees with free file checking
  • Free delivery available on all our products
  • Fast, efficient and affordable printing for over 10 years

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